Meet The World’s First In-Screen Camera Smartphone

It’s safe to say that product design is of immense importance when you’re investing in a smartphone. As far as the last two years are concerned, the bezel-less look has certainly caught the attention of buyers, since it equates to a device that comprises entirely of a screen. Companies have followed the lead and have worked immensely hard to burrow all components of the smartphone into the screen. And that’s exactly what we can see with the Honor View 20.

With the selfie-camera drilled into a little hole, the smartphone offers a more seamless look, much similar to Samsung’s Galaxy S10 which also came forward in 2019. We have been testing the Honor View 20 for a few days now and are excited to fill you in on all the details.

Honor View 20 features an etched laser design which includes a glass back. At first glance, you’ll notice how the glass forms a magnificent V pattern as soon as the lights it at certain angles. This appearance has been termed as “aurora nanotexture” by the brand, but it’s pretty much your basic laser-etched design. The chevrons flicker in light, creating an exciting look – which is a sight to see.

The look of the pattern may vary depending on what color phone you get. And while you might think that black may look a little too dull, you will be proven wrong once you witness the rainbow hitting the back.

Aside from this welcoming new addition in design, the rest of the Honor View 20 closely resembles other smartphones in the market. It includes a 6.24-inch display with an LCD panel. You will also find an IR blaster and headphone jack. However, the design of the phone is pretty balanced and fits comfortably in one’s hand.